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437122 +I prefer outsider to accumulate,then it will be like an outsider horse. Alternate fact 4:19PM 26/05/2017
437118 Everyone here so good. All give warnings and reasons for sell down or buy up. Hope all make plenty of money with their great analysis. I just trade the charts 11:05AM 26/05/2017
437119 +Make so much money every day.. In n out.. So simple.. U tried u like it.. Can feel shiok Pretty man 11:39AM 26/05/2017
437123 ++Everyday make money so happy.. Can go geylang to find mei mei to make me happy.. Everyday make few k Old Man 4:36PM 26/05/2017
437121 ++Ya lor, market up or down, see chart so clear, make money every day... Hindsight Chartist 3:02PM 26/05/2017
437117 Oil tumbles to 48.78 at one point, now recover a bit but it has hit its low average and it may go further south! Don't play play 12:31PM 25/05/2017
437114 Money most likely from China sources pouring into bitcoin as the informed make plans to escape financial armageddon!!! China in Deep Trouble!!! 9:00PM 25/05/2017
437115 +Just downgrade by Moody, suddenly bitcoin explode.....coincidence or correlation? You decide 9:04PM 25/05/2017
437116 ++nothing to do with moody,bitcon is a different kind of fish,another con.not bitcon its megacon chinaman 10:33PM 25/05/2017
437112 Charts don't lie. Up means up and down means down. Flat means flat. They are conclusions to mainstream human behavior resulting from the availability of all actual facts albeit historical and is put in a way for easy reference.Trying to predict future using charts is already hard enough enough and using guess work based on one single fact is worst because new facts are being revealed each day. Que Sera Sera 10:01AM 25/05/2017
437104 Oh! Boh! Oh! Bor! OBOR 8:27PM 24/05/2017
437105 China HK credit rating drop 11:38PM 24/05/2017
437106 ++Moody's downgrades Hong Kong to Aa2 vs. Aa1 after downgrade of China China HK credit rating drop 11:39PM 24/05/2017
437113 +++Moody downgrade,but HSI went up. chinaman 10:57AM 25/05/2017
437109 +++Ang Mo always like to downgrade China when the Chinese are one of the most capable a nd manipulative nation on earth! They have the highest reserves in the world to help, to control and to manipulate the world economically but all those rating companies are nuts in seeing only happenings on paper but they have not seen the Magic of what the Chinese can do. Those young Chinese who was born after the year 2000 are the most talented creatures on earth! The world has to admit it! Standup Ready 15:38PM 24/05/2017
437110 ++++Trump already show many cases of alternate fact.Moody own interest is to short China rating,so downgrade it.The China equal of Moody will upgrade it.Its up to you to take side Alternate fact 9:00AM 25/05/2017
437098 Oil price will drop to just a few cents above the drinking water price! Oil is going to be irrelevant soon when Chins starts to export excess combustible ice for industry usage and cars! 100 liters of combustible ice can power a car for more than 5000 kilometers as compared to less than 1000 kilometers for petrol driven car! Wuhaha, oil producing countries will have to convert crude oil to drinking water to survive! China will be leading the world to revolutionize the oil industries and oil pollution be be tamed down to 0! Now you see Trump also want to sell half of AmericanEnergency oil reserve, otherwise it will worth only a few cents a gallon when China starts to export flammable ice, Don't Play Play! 3:13PM 24/05/2017
437108 +What is technically possible may not be commercially viable. At these current prices, China may not even cover cost of extraction at commercial scale! Nuts 11:48PM 24/05/2017
437100 +Let bow down to worship China. Amos yes 5:52PM 24/05/2017
437101 ++I will show them my nine inches cock and put them to shame. Ang Mo Kia 7:51PM 24/05/2017
437102 +++9 inch no class.. We are better 9.1 inch 1 cm longer Tng lan 7:59PM 24/05/2017
437111 ++++Ours not stiff yet ok.. Wait till you see the rected one! Ang Mo Kia 9:26AM 25/05/2017
437099 +Tan Ku Ku. NO WAY 5:07PM 24/05/2017
437096 Noble hit an Iceberg in Muddy Water Titanic sinking 9:12AM 24/05/2017
437092 Many showboats and grandstanders in Stocklion posting useless advice.... Fact 10:24PM 23/05/2017
437103 +U then cock! O Bee O Run means BOH! means Boh Bian, have to accept OBOR! OBOR 8:24PM 24/05/2017
437097 +So what the fxxk you doing here? You smart alec 9:23AM 24/05/2017
437093 +China got many problems, masked currently by its economy, but once the time comes, it is KA-BOOM!!! Fact 10:26PM 23/05/2017
437094 ++Crisis may be many years away but there is no mistaking it as Fact 10:28PM 23/05/2017
437095 +++You are a japan running dog Real fact 9:10AM 24/05/2017
437090 Old got, BOh Ru ah! OBOR 9:34PM 23/05/2017
437087 Oh! Boh Ru ah! OBOR 9:04PM 23/05/2017
437086 Singapore being a financial centre and a casino city should try to train as many professional gamblers as possible. They just need to employ all these and play world markets and FX and make money. Everyday is a trillion $$ market, how to miss such opportunty. No way it can fight with china which has the financial muscle plus billion people. Just one city can crash Singapore. Just like internet which has customers all over the world, Singapore should strive to train many professional traders. If traders all those in stocklion, we sure tan boh chiak in the future. Do what we are strong in 8:15PM 23/05/2017
437107 +Already lost billions buying UBS.. Nuts 11:42PM 24/05/2017
437091 +Look at sgx,you can tell,all those whom we trained all koyak,pockai with sgx vol down and half dead Uncle 9:38PM 23/05/2017
437081 With some recent developments around the region, Singapore needs to think of a way out to remain relevant! China is colluding with Malaysia to deepen the 3 major ports in rhe West Coast of peninsula Malaysia, partly wanting to strangling the livelihood of Singapore and partly wanting to keep out the US naval fleets out to the Far East and create trouble in South China Sea. Should Singapore just wait and see how events will unfold or take some quick action to revamp the future undertaking? Going into space Tech may not be able to see results in the near future. One must see the next BIG THING in the energy revolution and I believe Singapore can be part of this endeavor! SG Survival Initiator 1:47PM 23/05/2017
437089 +Old got, BOh Ru ah! OBOR 9:10PM 23/05/2017
437088 +Already told u right in the face, Old got, BOh Ru ah! OBOR 9:08PM 23/05/2017
437082 + China has just succeeded in drilling the combustible ice in the sea and no one else in the world has been able to do it. Believe it and you trust Singapore should be able to do it on their own! Singapore does not have to go to South China Sea to fight with the Chinese for a piece of cake. Keppel Shipyard and Semcorp Marine have been building oil rigs for ages and both should be able just to build ONE RIG MATCHING the Chinese BLUEWHALE and place it in Singapore backyard to drill for the methane or COMBUSTIBLE ICE, or FLAMABLE ICE! The Chinese have drilled for 8 days to reach the ice in the sea, we believe Singaporeans can do it too! As Singapore is also sitting on the South China Sea platform and there is no reason China should fight a war with Singapore if the drilling is on our own backyard! SG SURVIVAL INITIATOR 2:07PM 23/05/2017
437083 ++The drilling is clean and not much pollution occurs.Once FLAMABLE ice is discovered, all the facilities in Jurong Island can be safely demolished because oil is irrelevant to the world! 100 liters of hydrate can power a car 5 times that of a petrol driven car and China will produce that cheap cars by then. OPEC WILL HAVE TO CONVERT THEIR OIL INTO WATER for their survival!. Singapore may need only one drilling platform to make it rich again in the world. SG SURVIVAL INITIATOR 2:16PM 23/05/2017
437084 +++Come on Singapore, we have the resource and manpower! NTU , NUS and all other polytechnics should gear their man power to this direction for our survival! SG SURVIVAL INITIATOR 2:20PM 23/05/2017
437085 ++++Don't be a gongkia,the next big thing for you is make sure you don't have a big house mortgage and have a job if you don't want to sleep in the void deck Uncle 4:06PM 23/05/2017
437073 Those repatedly averaging down Noble to hell. Disappear into the Bermuda Triangle soon. Mudman 9:17AM 23/05/2017
437075 +Punishment ti those who buy Nobel. Money god 10:44AM 23/05/2017
437074 +Could also be short covering. Who knows? 9:45AM 23/05/2017
437076 ++Big timers like us,we shorted and let the small gongkias average down. chinaman 11:04AM 23/05/2017
437079 +++You are probably just watching on the side. Sure or Not? 11:44AM 23/05/2017
437080 ++++you are smart chinaman 12:23PM 23/05/2017
437072 Read the gongkias posting here, show how ignorant about world politics. Fools and their money WILL part. Those gongkias repeatedly buy SGX stocks to be screwed. SGX - Screwed Gongkias eXchange, Play Pokemon better 9:16AM 23/05/2017
437078 +Thousands of well educated economists in US all got different opinions. Just read and stop. Views are all personal and who has the right to judge? A disagreement doesn't mean you are smarter. More to being smart 11:42AM 23/05/2017
437077 +So you think you are smarter? Is it? 11:35AM 23/05/2017
437069 Trump exhausted....really low energy... Trump the Great Fraudster 6:56PM 22/05/2017
437070 +can tell fr his Body Language...he Backside Itch...wan to be America Abang No Stressed n cannot Steal Eat...unlike my Handsome Ah here eat there...always Smiling one Pretty Woman 9:34PM 22/05/2017
437071 ++Tow chiak here tow chiak there,so shiok,but when see you,vomite and vomite Uncle 10:08PM 22/05/2017
437068 hi nnnn 6:30PM 22/05/2017
437064 If your million dollars cubicle still hold it's prices in 5-10years down the road, you should thank your lucky star and if you can find a buyer you should thank all the God that look that you! Look at the recent developments that China is going do in Malacca port, Klang Port and the shipyard they are going to build in Penang. You should be able to gauge the impacts of the whole developments! DONT PLAY PLAY 12:13PM 22/05/2017
437066 +What will be will be, the future is not for us to see..... Que Sera Sera 1:09PM 22/05/2017
437065 +China buy, I sell...1mdb why no takers? Malaysia Official 1 12:46PM 22/05/2017
437067 ++I am waiting for 5MDB chinaman 4:24PM 22/05/2017
437060 Convert debt to share....means ask your debtors to get the money owed to them from stockmarket.....the debtee want money not scripts...tomorrow may be ugly for O&G and related... Ausgroup 9:06PM 21/05/2017
437061 +you read upside down /? 10:56AM 22/05/2017
437062 ++Companies using SGX as their ATM, any how issue stocks to debtees, ask the debtee to accept stock instead of cash,so how to raise cash, the debtee will sell the stock...the same as asking sharholder to pay off the company debts... Daylight robbery 12:04PM 22/05/2017
437063 +++Several researchers have found that the value of stock declines at the announcement of a debt for equity swap. This decline is attributed to an information effect: the firms financial condition is worse than the market expected. Our research develops an alternative explanation. Using the theory that equity can be valued as an option on the firm, it is shown that, depending on the exchange ratio, a debt for equity swap will cause the price of the stock to decline. This theory is tested using a sample of firms that announced debt for common equity swaps. The theoretically predicted stock price reactions are consistent with the actually observed stock price reactions. Furthermore, the contingent claims model has better explanatory power than a simple model of dilution. Tests on the sensitivity to the assumptions of the option pricing model show that only the assumption of the time to expiration of the option significantly affects the results. Theory 12:07PM 22/05/2017
437058 SGX main page cannot even access... SGX FAIL.... 7:01PM 21/05/2017
437055 Let the chinese come in with their investment monies first, when the time is right, we will CLOBBER them! MY BOLEH!!! 3:18PM 21/05/2017
437056 +You forgot the words BOLEH BRIDE Amos yee 3:44PM 21/05/2017
437057 ++makan Wang is my boleh Amos yee 4:03PM 21/05/2017
437059 +++what is 1 MDB.chicken feed.when malasia developed by the Chinese,there will be plenty MDB,Huat AH Nnajip 7:22PM 21/05/2017
437051 Many fools in other forums arguing about SG participation in OBOR....OBOR is China's plan to expand their markets and infrastructure under the pretext of cooperation and their target are developing countries in need of infrastructure development....of course, SG already nothing much left for them to develop, so SG participation will be little....these fools now KPKB all sorts of nonsense when it is clear China not thinking about SG in its plans, even we send whole govt there also no use... Fools in other forums 11:11AM 21/05/2017
437052 +The simple fact is Singapore is way too expensive for infrasture devlopement and bulk eg.OBOR needs to build many many train carriages.The construction for the carriages need big areas of land.You build one here land cost will be $billions.They build one in Perak,just clear the jungles and can have acres and acres of land.cost only $5 millions.You tell me,why invest here,the capital outlay will kill you.Yes,you have logistic advantage and efficient port etc.but they cannot add up to off set the low capital cost advantage elsewhere.In short.WE ARE NO MORE CHEAP IN MANY WAYS.We high price ourselves to suicide.Stick to finiance an IT,where profits are higher but many countries are not far behind. Amos yee 11:31AM 21/05/2017
437053 ++Yes, that is true, the target of OBOR is to build infrastructure to undeveloped regions....even in China, it is also no longer cheap....their coastal region where urbanisation is most rapid....they also reached the limits of what they can do in terms of simple capital investments....OBOR is their strategy to further have fast growth....but it is not without risks, just look at China's investments in Latin America and Africa....mixed bag of results, and not at all clear it is a success...some may also be considered failures...they masked it thanks to their growing sure win, only sure thing is China got money to spend now... OBOR not sure win 12:18PM 21/05/2017
437054 +++There is no sure win in anything.Even in finiancial circle,not all funds or banks win.Temasek invested in UBS (one of worlds top bank) lost,so china invested overseas some win and some lost.We are more like japan,we got the money,but small local market means need to risk overseas.TPP was good for us because we can enter the safe USA market,but now its USA first,we are obstructed,you TPP without USA,wheres your advantage and market,in Japan???they are in better position than us.We are too small and problem is we got big that's it Amos yee 12:58PM 21/05/2017
437049 SGX Market is now in accumulation or distribution? Open Question 9:44AM 20/05/2017
437050 +Same as last CE...65% on accumulation,25% on distribution.Winner are the remaining 10% who keep out from the market Amos yee 10:54AM 20/05/2017
437043 17yrs and 24 strokes for rape. Alamak. so expensive. Go Geylang $40 also can. Nothing is free 5:10PM 19/05/2017
437048 +My skin very thick..rotten no use.. Feel no pain. Feel shiok Blackie 8:22AM 20/05/2017
437046 +He lucky. In middle east.. He chopped off his head.. Arab yee 6:17PM 19/05/2017
437045 +Ai ya.. Different feeling.. Got push n pull.. Ckopeh 5:41PM 19/05/2017
437047 ++Now backside got push and pull untill skin come out. Better be over 50 yo 7:52PM 19/05/2017
437040 you need not have to look left or right for clue as to see how the market direction will move. Just look at Donald Trump's face and you will know that something is not right inside the White House! How long they can cover up is a big question mark! So watch out for the next sell of! DONT PLAY PLAY 1:34PM 19/05/2017
437044 +Trump so young n handsome.. Got big cork n rich Pretty woman 5:39PM 19/05/2017
437041 +So you are a face watcher! I prefer charts 1:52PM 19/05/2017
437042 ++Backside watcher better than charts,when he farts,it's like bear market,run as fast as you can Amos yee 2:46PM 19/05/2017
437036 Buy falcon energy good buy... Pretty woman 12:11PM 19/05/2017
437038 +Ya Good Try Pretty Woman 1:22PM 19/05/2017
437039 ++Real One, W bigger means nei nei shagging. Fake one still in the teens, nei nei (w)very small. Hahahahaha 1:24PM 19/05/2017
437037 +You bluff one,using that charbow name.she only buy cling clong Mai lai Thai shares Amos yee 12:56PM 19/05/2017
437034 Brazil's jitters will spread, Malaysia is in the similar trough, be cautious! Tong Tong Chian 13:57PM 18/05/2017
437035 +Malsia have big brother China to put in so much more,Najib will win big in next election.Up the arse on mahatier Amos yee 8:50AM 19/05/2017
437033 Rest in Peace 9:33PM 18/05/2017
437031 How to cork big n long... 12 inches Ckpeh 8:31PM 18/05/2017
437032 +Go for your mother,don't give her chance Ah pek 8:41PM 18/05/2017
437029 Mkt down.. Good.. Mkt up also good.. When mkt down.. Donald duck. he knows hoe to duck Amos. Yee 1:37PM 18/05/2017
437026 Fear of Trump woes will not kill the market. Market will only be killed if the liquidity dries up. Big Boys stil in control 11:27AM 18/05/2017
437027 +Yes, no margin calls, no panic. Money Talks 11:28AM 18/05/2017
437023 If you think that the markets worldwide are still intact, you must generate enough saliva to lick your wounds if you still remain bullish! Boh How Siow 11:16AM 18/05/2017
437025 +One bird just shit from the sky and you say it is the end of the world? Is it? 11:21AM 18/05/2017
437028 ++My idol Trump gave you a chance to buy stock make money this morning Amos yee 1:08PM 18/05/2017
437014 The new U Ass president is called Dumb.. GONG TIAN TIAN 10:17PM 17/05/2017
437022 +Gong tian tian is Chinese for dumb uncle 11:08AM 18/05/2017
437030 ++U then cock, now then u know i am very gong GONG TIAN TIAN 3:02PM 18/05/2017
437024 ++You are so smart Really Pi Tze Pi Tze 11:20AM 18/05/2017
437009 Trump still thinks that he is hosting The Apprentice. He better wake out from his slumber before it is too late. Amos Chee 9:26AM 17/05/2017
437015 +U then cock, he forgot he is now the apprentice, the U Ass President apprentice! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:38PM 17/05/2017
437010 +You think you can read his mind,you gongkia,you can read a $billionares mind with your own miserable few dollar mind Amos yee 11:36AM 17/05/2017
437019 ++U then cock, u can read his mind by his hairstyles, there are a few billion hairs on his head! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:45PM 17/05/2017
437012 ++You damn cock. What has that got to do with mind reading? His actions so far appeared so! Amos You Chee Bye 1:58PM 17/05/2017
437016 +++U then cock, it's " U then cock ! " GONG TIAN TIAN 10:40PM 17/05/2017
437013 +++your mind only thinking of chee bye and damnn cock.what a chee bye damn cock mentality you have. Amos yee 4:41PM 17/05/2017
437020 ++++U are not then cock, u are quite ripe! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:46PM 17/05/2017
437017 ++++U are rite man! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:41PM 17/05/2017
437011 ++Seow kia at work again Hahahahaha 1:09PM 17/05/2017
437021 +++U then seow cock! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:47PM 17/05/2017
437006 Let go speaker corner to support trump Amos. Yee 3:41PM 16/05/2017
437018 +U then cock, u must go in front of the White House to support him! GONG TIAN TIAN 10:43PM 17/05/2017
437005 The next Alibaba Group from SGX? Yuuzoo 12:15PM 16/05/2017
437007 +Alibaba got enough thieves,dont need yuuzoo Amos yee 9:55PM 16/05/2017
437002 Indices may be up but the MELTDOWN has begun! Cock Cock Kay 8:10AM 16/05/2017
437004 +Insiders have been actively selling since the last two months.Indices have been gyrating up and down within range so it is meaningless regarding trend until the range is broken. Agree with you that the downside risk is getting greater. London Choco Roll 10:06AM 16/05/2017
436999 this morning my Handsome Ah Lau...drove me in his Havelock Rd market for fishball mee...when he step on engine...all the people there...fishballs all Xplodes in their Ah lau so Fun one Pretty Woman 10:01PM 15/05/2017
437000 +This morning Havelock rd market closed for washing,why you bullshiit people here uncle 10:52PM 15/05/2017
437003 ++Aiya, he meant NOLock Road. HaveLock sure close lah. Hahahahaha 9:52AM 16/05/2017
437001 ++the big open carpark one...only there my Handsome Ah Lau...can Show Off his Fellari...step engine got very Loud Noise one...u getting old n direction no good...better go find China Mei Mei Pretty Woman 11:48PM 15/05/2017
436998 Shale oil is back....OPEC cut output now....only boost selling prices for shale oil OPEC in a bind 9:59PM 15/05/2017
436997 Trump failing 9:30PM 15/05/2017
436996 I buy the Noble tomorrow, kekeke, sure fuat one GONG TIAN TIAN 8:44PM 15/05/2017
436992 Time has come for market crash! Guru 12:57PM 15/05/2017
436994 +So smart one. But not crash lah. Maybe strong pullback. You really good 4:41PM 15/05/2017
436993 +its finger licking good col sanders 2:39PM 15/05/2017
436995 ++Depends where. If go Geylang, you still want to lick fingers? ?? 4:42PM 15/05/2017
436990 SNL Trump 1:51PM 14/05/2017
436991 SNL Trump 1:52PM 14/05/2017
436989 India fxxk China OBOR 12:06PM 14/05/2017
436982 Trump may be in trouble soon 11:19AM 13/05/2017
436983 Trump facing backlash 11:23AM 13/05/2017
436984 The plot thickens 11:29AM 13/05/2017
436985 +++Dont anybody dare touch my idol Trump. Amos yee 2:46PM 13/05/2017
436978 mml..see you at library. Have chicken out the back. kopi 12:18PM 12/05/2017
436988 +Fried chicken finger lickin good! hahaha 11:03AM 14/05/2017
436979 +Go take a bath,chicken shiit all over you Mml 10:05AM 13/05/2017
436981 ++I love chicken backside. kopi 11:05AM 13/05/2017
436986 +++yours must be damn small to go in Amos yee 2:47PM 13/05/2017
436987 ++++You gongkia,I eat chicken backside not scree it,You think I am a cock kopi 8:25PM 13/05/2017
436976 Noble might be the tips of the icebergs! Noble might have shown the actual figures in this decaying world economy! The rest are trying hard to boost the morale of the dying financial world! Believe it or not, only TIME will tell! Reality Check 9:04PM 12/05/2017
436977 +Everytime you cry crash....everytime market bull run instead... Believe it or not 11:07PM 12/05/2017
436980 ++Buy noble,you will get 100 times pay back,but your donation first Con hee 10:07AM 13/05/2017
436975 How to make gal happy happy eiman Amos yee 12:20PM 12/05/2017
436974 With risk on again, time to look for that pot in Gold again. More will switch to safe haven currency like yen. Second line to take a beating 10:11AM 12/05/2017
436970 Trump is acting rather slow in cleaning up the swamp and sacking all the Hussein Obama appointees. Should have fire Comey long long ago trying to help crooked Helliary. All those trying to topple him should be arrested and charged for toppling an elected President. Use The military and police to whack the BLM and those whacking peaceful rallies. Now the 12 millions illegals got hunted down every day. Trump now showing his colors 9:39AM 12/05/2017
436973 +Policies cannot work so must find something to distract. He has been showing his colors since inception and all were pretty colors like rainbow but without that pot of gold every ordinary people was looking for. You still don't know Trump? 10:08AM 12/05/2017
436969 Cehap cheaper cheapest. After reversing split, it will soon be followed by another right issue to reduce debts. Heavy dumping after profit warning, followed by TRADING HALT and then SUSPENDED! Screw Gongkias eXchange 9:33AM 12/05/2017
436972 +You still looking at SGX? Must also be a gongkia 10:05AM 12/05/2017
436968 We reiterate buy call for STI with price target of 4000 for FY2017. Analyst 10:17PM 11/05/2017
436971 +A recommendation without analysis is just like a fart after a heavy meal. Poor imitation 9:51AM 12/05/2017
436967 Still got gongkias averaging down Noble. Trading HALT cumming 5:07PM 11/05/2017
436955 Trump doesn't believe in rigorous exercise because he said it will shorten one's life. I bet he just lie down and let the women f him. He just need to guide with his mouth. The Trump's way 10:52AM 11/05/2017
436956 +Yes must be the most spoken and fastest repetitive word during this time. Hahahahha 10:57AM 11/05/2017
436957 ++you gongkia,he can turn the pic around and say he f,.. the woman Amos yee 11:06AM 11/05/2017
436961 +++As usual, you love to shoot off your mouth without thinking. That will make a perfect blowjob. His idea is not to exercise because that will shorten his life. Konw the basic first 11:39AM 11/05/2017
436962 ++++you are gongkia,never think out of the box,you never go far one Amos yee 11:42AM 11/05/2017
436965 +++++No wonder kena jailed by Singapore govt Shame on you 1:20PM 11/05/2017
436966 ++++++quick,apologis to me and salute me call me Sir Amos yee 2:13PM 11/05/2017
436954 Time to short HSI Divergence 10:49AM 11/05/2017
436959 +I believe you,lets short it till HSI ..han ka chang Amos yee 11:26AM 11/05/2017
436947 when when TeeToo 8:39AM 11/05/2017
436952 +akan datang Teetoo 10:04AM 11/05/2017
436949 +how Teetoo kia 9:10AM 11/05/2017
436951 ++akan datang Teetoo 10:04AM 11/05/2017
436945 Trump fires FBI director Comey! Dictator Trump 9:06PM 10/05/2017
436946 +Trump thinks that he is still hosting the Apprentice. Like TV show 10:11PM 10/05/2017
436948 ++My idol Trump can hire and fire as he likes,who dare say anything.Next time I become big gun I follow Trump I f,,k all the gongkias like he fire that stupid FBI chief Amos yee 9:00AM 11/05/2017
436950 +++You soooo stupid. Trump is the one stopping you from early freedom, you still want to carry his balls. Maybe you think Trump will come here and read your post and give you early discharge. You still daydreaming 9:56AM 11/05/2017
436953 ++++Trump no need read stocklion one.He think out of box,My religious view same as his enough,now jail only wayang wayang Amos yee 10:19AM 11/05/2017
436958 +++++Obama screwed Singapore by giving makean to LHL in white house.Trump now crew Singapore for revenge.I will help Singapore later,Trump will sure invite me to white house for kopi Amos yee 11:19AM 11/05/2017
436960 ++++++Then when I returen to singapore,big welcome for me,better than for Schooling.president will give me a Bintang pin on my chest.See so Yu Say Amos yee 11:36AM 11/05/2017
436963 +++++++I go around,people will call me Sir.Its not too early now,if you people start calling me Sir Amos yee.. Amos yee 1:12PM 11/05/2017
436964 ++++++++Sir Amo yee,sound so cool Amos yee 1:16PM 11/05/2017
436937 Today going to have good lunch again,no trading in a dead market,no money for broker,money for restaurent Amos yee 8:59AM 09/05/2017
436940 +You must be amosx4 in age. People already progress to internet, you still using broker. Are you sure? 10:02AM 09/05/2017
436941 ++you gong or not,internent still go thru broker who sit down and collect your money Amos yee 10:38AM 09/05/2017
436943 +++The real Amos, as tee kee as ever. Pay only once 2:40PM 09/05/2017
436944 ++++Ah moh yee got my support.. I will lock him forever till he gong gong Trump 5:58PM 09/05/2017
436933 Today I made $$ a very good lunchby not trading.dead market,my broker will have to skip lunch Amos yee 1:12PM 08/05/2017
436934 +You cannot be trusted Hahahahaha 2:51PM 08/05/2017
436936 ++Trump trust me more than he trust you Amos yee 11:02PM 08/05/2017
436939 +++You damn fxxking sway, kena Trump. If under Obama, you would have been a free man already and not still under detention after being granted asylum. Really Chiat Leow Bee 9:58AM 09/05/2017
436938 +++Yes, he thrust your arse. Hahahahaha 9:35AM 09/05/2017
436942 ++++yes,so shiok,you jealous ah, Amos yee 11:11AM 09/05/2017
436935 ++Can make up stories like someone molested him, etc... Very true 2:52PM 08/05/2017
436929 any comment on gold price hahaha 4:23PM 06/05/2017
436931 +Its bearish Amos yee 10:48AM 07/05/2017
436927 Where to make cork long n big.. Short man 12:49PM 06/05/2017
436930 +Ask any gal to pull n pull Gal gal 6:30PM 06/05/2017
436932 ++why get gal,get a bangali and pull better or below Amos yee 10:06PM 07/05/2017
436928 +inside your own mouth and arrse Amos yee 1:55PM 06/05/2017
436925 Market is controlled by big boys with very little free float as buyers have been buying and holding shares thus the low volatility. Up it will go up and up, down go don and down within the same day until traders who are caught on the wrong side had to square off at a loss. Traders are at the losing end as they have to be very chun to get in, if not they they will lose until peng sang if the procrastinate. This market is not for trading. Need to hold overnight. Good days for traders gone 4:18PM 05/05/2017
436924 This mkt sometime high sometimes low. In n out so tiring. I tried in n out on bed also tired.. Trader 3:12PM 05/05/2017
436926 +Simple ha,up and down tiring,change position loh,let market up and down on you you dont move hahaha 10:02PM 05/05/2017
436923 This mkt sometime high sometimes low. In n out so tiring. I tried in n out on bed also tired Trader 3:12PM 05/05/2017
436922 When Gary lim offer free chicken rice again... Taxi driver 12:28PM 05/05/2017
436921 When Gary lim offer free chicken rice again Taxi driver 12:28PM 05/05/2017
436916 kopi...sorry about your parking ticket but you can celebrate that our system of government is working. mml 11:43PM 04/05/2017
436917 +what the F are u toking about,go fine other cars not mine ok kopi 10:33AM 05/05/2017
436920 ++Sell your front n backside.. Got free offer to sell Pretty man 12:16PM 05/05/2017
436919 ++Sell your front n backside.. Got free offer Pretty man 12:16PM 05/05/2017
436913 Sg so hot.. In USA.. So cooling.. Best climate Amos yee 6:43PM 04/05/2017
436914 +Did they provide the best Black Bean Rice? (Oh Tau Poon) hahaha 7:55PM 04/05/2017
436918 ++they provide big hairy black hot dog. Amos yee 11:52AM 05/05/2017
436912 Why be so serious when you come here? Everyone also talk cock. Some try to be what they cannot be here is the place for role play. What so bad, it is free. Must thank rellik for making this "reality" possible. Here is the place for people to let go frustration...people like Amos, Pretty woman...etc. Come here an swear, curse or talk cock, it is all natural. But don't give personal insult to others. This is demeaning. Anyone can disagree to all those "analysts"...they are just role playing. Every dog has its day 9:45AM 04/05/2017
436910 Real tai chi masters 10:39PM 03/05/2017
436909 Many here are like the tai-chi master waiting to be exposed! They talk like experts and gurus making $200K a trade, in reality they make only $200 a trade! Stocklion Experts 10:29PM 03/05/2017
436915 +Loss 200k lah.. Feel good just said profit Imh 9:07PM 04/05/2017
436911 +Why you so skeptical? You in the same boat? Hahahahaha 9:25AM 04/05/2017
436905 How to make her Suck cork professional Amos tay 2:15PM 03/05/2017
436906 +Make sure yours is more than 9 inches first. Hahahahaha 4:00PM 03/05/2017
436902 No one talk about crash anymore? Where are the bears? 12:56PM 03/05/2017
436908 +Climate changed, bears all become teddy bears, so nice to hug! Hahahahaha 4:06PM 03/05/2017
436904 +When your dream turns into smoke and ashes, you would realize the world is cheating on you, giving you all the false and beautiful figures to live on and look forwards to some more beautiful days ahead! US is leading the way in giving you all the false hopes and now slowly all the worms are crawling out of the can and they have no choice but to cancel the interest hike and you begin to see many holes in the heart and hopefully he FED has enough resource to support the next crash! Otherwise the world could be worst than another Krean war! Pang Hong 2:10PM 03/05/2017
436903 +They crash because they read SungZhi Pin Fa,they should read Amos Yee Pin Fuat sure make money one Amos yee 2:08PM 03/05/2017
436907 ++The first and last verse is to escape and find a new adobe when the going gets tough Hahahahaha 4:03PM 03/05/2017
436896 Next time, don't speak so fast if you are a Tai Chi "expert" unless you really have the skill. Tai Chi School closes 10:03AM 03/05/2017
436901 +no big deal,when poly,schools can merge and close,whats so big deal of tai chi school close Amos yee 11:26AM 03/05/2017
436895 Heard Trump won the Guinness Book of World Records for "THROWING LARGEST SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE" HEAR SAY 10:00AM 03/05/2017
436897 +He is top runner up for this years Nobel PISS prize hahaha 10:21AM 03/05/2017
436893 TV showing ex Gurkhas serving in retired living in come those Monkeys never gv them Citizenships...these are honest n hardworking loyal folks...better than those Fat Blackies we imported Pretty Woman 9:57PM 02/05/2017
436899 +must be mad if they retire in sinkiland.There so nice,so cheap,wish I can retire there Amos yee 11:21AM 03/05/2017
436894 +those Fat Blackies...all Fat n most only had Daughters...all very Keng...make use Donkeypore to migrate to western countries later...these blackies dun spent money one...not even play help in local economy...all miser like hell Pretty Woman 9:59PM 02/05/2017
436892 I'm not a beggar, don't give me chicken rice ! Taxi driver 9:29PM 02/05/2017
436898 +I give sweet.. So many rich taxi driver happy n say thank you Gary 10:38AM 03/05/2017
436900 ++you learn from white shirt,give sweets to pian gongkias // 11:24AM 03/05/2017
436885 Alex Lim run road to Aussie, Amos Yee jailed in US, Han Hui Hui escaped to Europe, Roy Ngerng run to Taiwan.... Nicole Seah normal life but long retired from Keryn Lim is alternative party's renewal hope? All the failures run road 8:46PM 01/05/2017
436891 +Gary lim had to give 200 of chicken rice free... No class.. He should give 20k to charity Taxi driver 2:11PM 02/05/2017
436890 +Where is lky gone to Lim peh 2:08PM 02/05/2017
436884 It is very obvious that Korea Kim doesn't read Sun Tze Art of war. Everyday want to kill and fight. Kim's Art Of War? 8:37PM 01/05/2017
436886 +Sun Tze lousy compared to my idol Sima Yi fr 3 kingdoms...everyday Act Stupid gong gong n reap rewards Pretty Woman 9:09PM 01/05/2017
436887 ++I am going write a book,my book will be better than 2 of them Amos yee 10:34AM 02/05/2017
436889 +++You have plenty of time in jail Hahahahaha 12:58PM 02/05/2017
436888 +++My book will be called Amos Pin Fuat Fuat.teach you how to fuat fuat and not fight fight Amos yee 11:23AM 02/05/2017
436883 US has the best medical care because they have plenty of experiences as they have the most sick people. The truth 6:46PM 01/05/2017
436882 The drug companies want you to be sick so that they can sell their drugs. The truth 6:44PM 01/05/2017
436881 The big boys want you to lose money so that they can make from you. The truth 6:43PM 01/05/2017
436873 Ah moh very long... U tried u like it Amos yee 8:48PM 30/04/2017
436879 +The one above likes to be poked from behind. Song See 1:53PM 01/05/2017
436874 +Yes,agreed.their hole very long and deep hahaha 10:03AM 01/05/2017
436880 ++The one above likes to poke behind. Song Kow mm chye nan 1:54PM 01/05/2017
436878 ++Poke deep deep so shook.. Amos yee 11:38AM 01/05/2017
436877 ++Poke deep deep so shook.. Amos yee 11:38AM 01/05/2017
436875 ++very smelly also VD kng 11:13AM 01/05/2017
436876 +++rotten see hum smell VD kng 11:14AM 01/05/2017
436870 How to make my cork not itchy Ckopeh 2:50PM 30/04/2017
436872 +You lucky fellow,I want my to be itchy but cannot,damn too lan VD kng 8:14PM 30/04/2017
436868 mml.....I am here. What is your other two wishes. kopi 10:15PM 29/04/2017
436871 +Don't bother the guy. Today library not open, dinner serve at 7pm. mml 7:15PM 30/04/2017
436869 +Died n stay in hell Pretty man 2:49PM 30/04/2017
436866 Why my backside so itchy,alway want speculate shares Born loser 8:20PM 29/04/2017
436867 +I love backside n front side Mei 8:56PM 29/04/2017
436864 Why my cork so itchy.. No wonder so many old man like yo go geylang to release my energy Old man 4:11PM 29/04/2017
436863 Trump word so strong.. Trump trump trump Amos yee 1:04PM 29/04/2017
436865 +he will trump you to the prison with the big hairy blacks to teach you a lesson ha 4:53PM 29/04/2017
436860 Trumps tax plan surprise would save his wealthy children $1.4 billion Why Trump take 0 salary 11:44PM 27/04/2017
436859 2 dropped into Singapore River, another one hang himself in AMK, can you find another good place if you lost big in the stock market? ?.?? 11:03PM 27/04/2017
436856 Trump word are like trump but his action are mickey mouse... Trump 2:28PM 27/04/2017
436857 +Talk big.. Like a teochew Old lady 2:39PM 27/04/2017
436858 ++plus hokkien in him.tua pian how siow ha 3:53PM 27/04/2017
436861 +++Both hokkien n teochew.. I love trump Amos yee 12:45PM 28/04/2017
436862 ++++Because you are a tramp. Isn't it? 7:13PM 28/04/2017
436855 Trump word are like trump but his action are mickey mouse Trump 2:28PM 27/04/2017
436853 Already make so much money every month.. Buy n sell.... So simple.. High sell.. Low buy Rich many 9:45AM 27/04/2017
436854 +Use mouth so easy. Hahahahaha 10:44AM 27/04/2017
436852 Already make so much money every month.. Buy n sell.. So simple.. High sell.. Low buy Rich many 9:45AM 27/04/2017
436846 me n my Handsome Ah Lau...we Practice Couple Yoga together everyday...we can do many Complicated Poses together...somemore we do them Naked...we Lock our Chakras n Boost our Fun so try it at home ya Pretty Woman 2:19PM 26/04/2017
436848 +You get your ah lau to practise walking without the walking sticks la right ha 4:27PM 26/04/2017
436849 ++u better watch Handsome Ah Lau goin to Body Slam u ur back Pretty Woman 10:12PM 26/04/2017
436850 +++you mean heis a gay,want my back better than your front ha 10:33PM 26/04/2017
436851 ++++sorry my Ah Lau + n - one...- n - very satanic Pretty Woman 11:09PM 26/04/2017
436842 Was told if I want to grow young..must find young gal to such her yin energy.. Old man 9:01AM 26/04/2017
436847 +I can make you much younger.. I got so many yin energy and Old lady 2:42PM 26/04/2017
436843 +Practise yoga. Once you can achieve using your mouth and suck your own cock, you will live long. Simple Way 9:59AM 26/04/2017
436844 ++Advnced practise.lick your own ass further the long life the way 12:08PM 26/04/2017
436845 +++Don't do the impossible Hahahahaha 1:30PM 26/04/2017
436841 Was told if I want to grow young..must find young gal to such her yin energy Old man 9:01AM 26/04/2017
436838 Someone told me Dow will hit 30000 GONG TIAN 10:17PM 25/04/2017
436839 +It has to/...only when? I can tell you also 10:51PM 25/04/2017
436836 ky Handsome Ah Lau go Havelock Hawker young men dared to Body Slam him one...cos my Ah Lau go there in his Rolls Loyce...all the young men n especially women...all Eyes pop out...n their Fishballs xplode in their mouths Pretty Woman 9:51PM 25/04/2017
436840 +They see your ah lau walking so slowly with 3 legs, who dare to touch him...just let the wind do the job...he will fall by himself. We not so stupid 10:53PM 25/04/2017
436837 +I believe you,I am looking for him for payment ah long 10:13PM 25/04/2017
436833 Nowadays young couple dun respect old man who like to find China mei ren Old man 12:29PM 25/04/2017
436835 +You should go find 18 yo chiobu on MRT and tell her: 'Ok, i want you to fxxk me tonite'. Tip 9:36PM 25/04/2017
436834 +Next time don't be kwey lan in many phone cameras around. Use Simple Logic 4:49PM 25/04/2017
436831 Now I know why they have this phrase, Jack of All Trades. Jack Ma talk cock again 10:13AM 25/04/2017
436832 +He learn from Trump.Another phase..Got money even the ghost will listen hahaha 11:18AM 25/04/2017
436827 Cham liao, i withdrew my chee pee f of 500k and invested in this thing called JJPTR, now they say hacking and all that, all my hard earned money of 30 years gone.... GONG TIAN 8:28PM 24/04/2017
436828 +what the Fxxk is JJPTR what this 10:17PM 24/04/2017
436830 ++Jui jui poo tong ren VALLIANZ 10:39PM 24/04/2017
436829 ++20:20, they say sure fuat one... YING LI 10:38PM 24/04/2017
436824 Lost many money.. How to make more money... Mei mei 12:22PM 24/04/2017
436826 +Market everyday up, just buy stock indices already be tang. Don't follow those smart people here everyday call crash. Just trade the market which is still in the short term uptrend. Use Simple Logic 1:45PM 24/04/2017
436823 Dun even know their own Starhub damm jialat 11:06PM 23/04/2017
436825 Con Hee make tens of millions $ by buying SUNTEC at low price of $1.50. Invest in his wife musical career, got sore eye people sabotage. In USA, you want to be famous, you need to pretend to be rich by staying in big house in Hollywood, got money to pay people to dance around. Even twat dance and even rap singers make millions $. Sillyapoore got people trying to bring down other people. If Con Hee need to go hjail, how about those people managing Con People Funds who use somebody money to gamble Cheseapeake, Yurun Foods, Shanghai Pharma and countless other highly in-debts stocks at the high. The ponzie scheme need to be investigated and those people in charge need to send to jail together with Con Hee. All con peole go to jail 12:35PM 24/04/2017


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