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438528 The next big crash will be the BITCOIN crash after the dot com crash! GREEDS KILED 13:49PM 20/11/2017
438532 +Bitcoin jumped like ali baba,from few cts to !!?! .If Alibaba can survive,even more so,can bitcoin Gonlion 8:36AM 21/11/2017
438529 +Tons of durian were returned to Malaysia because of high insecticide contamination. Was'nt it GREEDS? Observer 13:51PM 20/11/2017
438534 ++Don't play with the Chinamen,Under table money not enough,they come out with reasons to bankrupt you. Gonlion 9:07AM 21/11/2017
438530 ++Human are destroying their own survival, climate change will eventually exterminate the human race! Malamine Milk Powder 13:53PM 20/11/2017
438531 +++One way or another,human will be wipe out,best HIV can never be cure and tranmit by air,all mati Gonlion 8:28AM 21/11/2017
438533 ++++Have your fun before mati Gonlion 8:57AM 21/11/2017
438526 Why got lighting strike MRT after PM Lee hinted on tax rise? What omen is this? 9:47PM 20/11/2017
438527 +Lighting is pap symbol,his followers generate lighting to support him Gonlion 9:54PM 20/11/2017
438513 Trump presidency is destroying Dump Trump Now! 8:05PM 19/11/2017
438514 +Why the hell you care if he destroy USA,you a low class angmo? Gonglion 8:10PM 19/11/2017
438517 ++Are u stupid or what.... You kowtow to China? 10:57PM 19/11/2017
438518 +++No,I kowtiw to angmo,I eat their shit,I open up and let them screw free, Gonlion 9:11AM 20/11/2017
438523 ++++You stupid then need to choose sides; however you choose, other side is superpower, you go fight them loh... Really no brain 11:22AM 20/11/2017
438524 +++++You don't Really need brain to eat angmo shit,just eat eat eat Gonlion 11:30AM 20/11/2017
438515 ++His chou Kong is a angmo HHaha 9:52PM 19/11/2017
438522 +++It take all sorts to make a world hahaha 11:06AM 20/11/2017
438525 ++++It take all sorts although a very big portion are gongkias Guru 1:17PM 20/11/2017
438512 Amos Yee now become USA expected, he must deliberately stir shit to attract people to his videos....this type of pattern means he is not really good or original thinker, but will want to adjust his point of view for few minutes of fame... Heng not SG problem anymore 7:37PM 19/11/2017
438509 Tell Trump to FO 2:10PM 19/11/2017
438507 Can teach me how to become financially independent? Those financial planners most also still working, how can trust them? Any advice? 10:20AM 19/11/2017
438521 +1st thing you need to learn is to how to figure out uptrend, range and downtrend. Once you know, then you trade only in the uptrend and downtrend and forget about stocks that range. Uptrend you long on pullback and vice versa. Pick the time frame depending on how fast you want to get out of the trade. You can use all sorts of indicators, but the crux of the matter is how to sieve out the trends which is the most difficult part of trading. Simple yet not easy. 11:00AM 20/11/2017
438510 +The people on this forum are jobless and out-of-luck gamblers, part time remisiers cum PHV/taxi driver, some are part time insurance / property agents... U think they know better? 2:12PM 19/11/2017
438520 ++In general you are right. Only 5% can make it and the remaining 95% all tried very hard to appear smart to impress. No free lunch 10:40AM 20/11/2017
438519 ++You will be surprise. Those who know all keep quiet and won't share. Even those courses teach you for a few thousand dollars and you probably become more insecure. Good thngs where got share? 10:38AM 20/11/2017
438508 +Buy any stock recommend on thus forum.. I became rich man by name... Rich man 1:49PM 19/11/2017
438511 ++I always follow Rich man tips,not kopi tip Mml 4:02PM 19/11/2017
438505 your aunty. She is librarian like you! Keep eye on gold counters. kopi 9:05PM 18/11/2017
438506 +I rather keep an eye on my pants Mml 10:46PM 18/11/2017
438516 ++like aunty too hahaha 10:34PM 19/11/2017
438504 Heresay durians from Malaysia rejected by China because too high in pesticide.Durian lovers beware,me Amos concern over your health Amos yee 4:39PM 18/11/2017
438500 All stock not cheap anymore. need to sell backside.. Any man for sale Ah pek 10:05AM 17/11/2017
438503 +Stocks not cheap, but mei mei price still same. No inflation 6:25PM 17/11/2017
438498 Trump is the failed POTUS 8:24AM 17/11/2017
438499 Failed 8:27AM 17/11/2017
438502 ++Look at the Dow,is high at record a failure for US under Trump Guru 12:56PM 17/11/2017
438497 Luckily Havard cancelled Amos Yee talk. Good decision 10:39PM 16/11/2017
438501 +why use luckily???? hahaha 10:47AM 17/11/2017
438494 No fully functional mrt, no work...see who die first... Labor protest 10:16PM 15/11/2017
438495 +No work, no GDP, no money, no PAP.... Dominoes to fall 11:15PM 15/11/2017
438484 Wow,look at JB JamBang Food. Gone Fuat 9:11PM 14/11/2017
438493 +it will gone fuat soon hahaha 3:33PM 15/11/2017
438496 ++today start of going to the JamBang hahaha 10:24AM 16/11/2017
438483 Know thy enemy, and know yourself, you will win thousands battles. The market is your enemy. If you know it well you will make money each time you trade or invest. But most important is yourself. Invest or trade witnin your means just in case you really don't know your enemy. Risk management 7:50PM 14/11/2017
438485 +All bullshits,enemy can be friend,friends turn enemy,you U turn your action,excuse and say you are flexible.Its all a bunch of excuses.Main thing kaka hoot,you win can talk big you lost keep quiet like a mouse Guru 8:51AM 15/11/2017
438491 ++Si peh Jang lu Like you 9:56AM 15/11/2017
438488 ++Hahahahaha, Everyday talk bird language. Go whistle somewhere else 9:50AM 15/11/2017
438489 +++A man and a bird is what in Hokkien? Hokkien Peng 9:52AM 15/11/2017
438490 ++++A man , a bird and a man? How about this? 9:54AM 15/11/2017
438492 +++++The hard truth is how much in the pocket.A man,a bird,a donkey,a lion,called what you want no difference. Guru 10:06AM 15/11/2017
438487 ++Friend can be worst than enemy. You never know where your friend is coming from and always let your guard down. Please take more risks 9:26AM 15/11/2017
438486 ++That's why Trump will be the best president,kaka hoot,this way 180degree turn all ok.flip a coin also ok Dotard 9:17AM 15/11/2017
438481 Sold most of my stock.. Counting profit.. Will start to buy when timing is Ok to me.. Enjoy trading.. Got money can fund mei mei to make me lagi happy Old uncle 11:26AM 14/11/2017
438482 +time for abalone hahaha 11:55AM 14/11/2017
438480 Trump being played...HAHA 8:36AM 14/11/2017
438478 Trump will end up as one of the best president USA have. Dotard 8:42PM 13/11/2017
438479 +The best dotard president hahaha 8:28AM 14/11/2017
438475 Trump easily manipulated 7:43PM 12/11/2017
438476 Trump easily manipulated 7:45PM 12/11/2017
438477 ++No,Trump not easy manipulated,Trump very flexible approach.Will be a great president dotard 3:50PM 13/11/2017
438470 Wing Chun vs Boxing in So power 1:52PM 11/11/2017
438471 +Wing Chun vs Sanda in real Cannot make it 1:53PM 11/11/2017
438472 ++Ah lau n pretty woman fighting on the bed.. Who will win... Ah lau 4:17PM 11/11/2017
438473 +++It's win win,ah lau win eating abalone,pretty woman win handful of cash Guru 8:45PM 11/11/2017
438474 ++++Ah Llau,what grade abalone,ho chiak boh humsup uncle 12:31PM 12/11/2017
438467 SET down down,pretty woman going cheap Gonglion 8:56AM 11/11/2017
438468 +Thai are in mourning.. No gambling no trading. No se,X no Suck cork Pretty woman 12:13PM 11/11/2017
438469 ++They are mourning for SET,Mourning for king also finished some time ago hahaha 12:19PM 11/11/2017
438460 Cosco up... Many tip in this forum reliable.. Sure make money Old uncle 10:34AM 10/11/2017
438459 Zoe Tay is still the queen of MediaCorpse? Very Long no watch TV 9:54PM 09/11/2017
438461 +Pretty woman still the best. Ah pek 10:36AM 10/11/2017
438462 ++Pretty woman still pretty? So long ago 12:16PM 10/11/2017
438463 +++Men age like wine, women age like milk. U say leh? 12:23PM 10/11/2017
438464 ++++I want milk.. Suck milk can make you young.. Suck more. Will grow like a baby Ah pek 12:50PM 10/11/2017
438465 +++++No more milk,urine plenty Sweet aunty urine 1:07PM 10/11/2017
438466 ++++++I got dibetes,urine very sweet one,you want Sweet aunty urine 2:12PM 10/11/2017
438458 As usual, Trump is a coward, talk tough when in campaign, becomes a pushover in the real situation Trump has failed as POTUS 9:17PM 09/11/2017
438455 When the body was first created, all the parts wanted to be Boss. The brain said, "I should be Boss because I control all of the body's responses and functions."The feet said, "We should be Boss since we carry the brain about and get him to where he wants to go."The hands said, "We should be the Boss because we do all the work and earn all the money."Finally, the asshole spoke up. All the parts laughed at the idea of the asshole being the Boss. So, the asshole went on strike, blocked itself up and refused to work.Within a short time, the eyes became crossed, the hands clenched, the feet twitched, the heart and lungs began to panic, and the brain fevered. Eventually, they all decided that the asshole should be the Boss, so the motion was passed. All the other parts did all the work while the Boss just sat and passed out the shit!Moral Of The Story: You don't need a brain to be a Boss----any asshole will do. Be an ass hole 11:08AM 09/11/2017
438456 +Toking about is said that iN spite of Gods greatness in creating human,God is definitely not fluent in civil engineering.How can He create an entertaining centre next to a sewerage line.!!! hahaha 11:45AM 09/11/2017
438457 ++It is entertainment when she lick someone's asshole. It is also entertaining when someone shafts his hard big rod into an asshole. It is joy when you release out of the asshole after a stomachache.... God is still smart 12:44PM 09/11/2017
438453 Trump lost in Wast of Time for everyone 8:38AM 09/11/2017
438454 +You are using fake news to judge Trump,you boh liow,forever a follower of fake news from the media,a typical gongkia Amos yee 8:48AM 09/11/2017
438452 Stupid Trump outclassed by Smart Trump is the fool 8:35AM 08/11/2017
438451 MRT flooding: SMRT's role is to help the government earn money - Low Thia LTK final lap---HOOT ARGH 10:21PM 07/11/2017
438446 When yen strengthens against the US$ the stock markets will pull back. Seems like this is so. Forex/stock trader 9:56AM 07/11/2017
438449 +when market going up,you buy,when market coming down you simple logic,even 3 years old knows hahaha 11:14AM 07/11/2017
438444 HSI wan siu. up 800 points from yesterday low. Bee Tang 9:49AM 07/11/2017
438445 +Hit top resistance. For the non greedy, time to take profits. For those big balls, a breakout by today's close is new will go higher.... HSI 9:51AM 07/11/2017
438447 ++either way you are right,if HSI drop,you right,if HSI go up you also right hahaha 11:06AM 07/11/2017
438443 US public ownership was 65% in 2006 before the crash. Now the ownership is around 55% implying no retail influence in any sell down. Big boys in is the stock markets rise going to be forever? No signs of danger yet! 9:46AM 07/11/2017
438441 57.318, fuat! AMOS GONG FUAT 13:00PM 06/11/2017
438442 +Price go up a few miserable cents and gongkia happy like fuat,will call you gradfather is it go up 50 cents Amos yee 9:18AM 07/11/2017
438448 ++U then cock lah no wonder they call u Amos Yee, when u have 10 million shares, u made 10 thousand alreadi, keke wahaaaaa GONG FUAT 11:12AM 07/11/2017
438450 +++no wonder you called yourself Gone Fuat Amos yee 11:19AM 07/11/2017
438440 57.017, kekewahaaaaaaa AMOS GONG FUAT 12:27PM 06/11/2017
438439 56.857 n still rising, keke wahaaaa... AMOS GONG FUAT 12:26PM 06/11/2017
438438 56.754, malaysian sure cow beh cow boocos oil now free float, keke, wahaaa, they will subsidize my Charisma fuat, keke wahaaaaaaaaa.... AMOS GONG FUAT 12:25PM 06/11/2017
438437 Oil lam now 56.654, keke wahaha, buy gori, fuat giggle, keke wahaaaaaaaa... AMOS GONG FUAT 12:23PM 06/11/2017
438436 Oil now 56.481, keke wahaahaaaaa... AMOS GONG FUAT 12:18PM 06/11/2017
438435 Dun cry for me....Myanmar! Yoma 11:28PM 06/11/2017
438434 What news? COSCO 11:23PM 06/11/2017
438433 Amos Yee fans....Donate your money here... how many gongkias want to be patron of the kumgong Amos Yee.., Fools following Fool 10:55PM 06/11/2017
438429 Better don't go to America if you don't want to get killed by random armfire. Warning 3:00PM 06/11/2017
438431 +When Amos yee kena stray bullet Old auntie 8:23PM 06/11/2017
438432 ++I use my kungfu deflect the bullet Amos yee 9:18PM 06/11/2017
438430 +Rich getting richer with FED rigging. Poor are marginalised with low interest rates when price of necessities creep up. A 20% increase on these small items affect those who are not earning much while not reflecting much on CPI. Even Amos Yee needs $600 per month to feed himself. Those who need to pay rent, utilities and no online begging benefits will definitely feel hard pressed. Many will kee siow and start killing innocent people. Poor getting poorer 3:45PM 06/11/2017
438428 Buy early fuat giggle dont wait until oil 80 then buy, by then Charisma alreadi .02 alreadi, keke wahaaaaaaa.... GONG FUAT 12:38PM 06/11/2017
438427 Buy Magnus n Charisma n fuat! GONG FUAT 12:20PM 06/11/2017
438424 Oil cheong,ho say liow Gonglion 8:48AM 06/11/2017
438426 +Oil cheong n cheong, i fuat n fuat, keke wahsassssaaa GONG FUAT 12:18PM 06/11/2017
438422 SMRT now the laughing stock of the world.... Hara Kiri to redeem honor 8:08PM 05/11/2017
438423 +We are world class No.1 hahaha 8:21PM 05/11/2017
438415 Calling Amos Yee supporters....your idol request for donation once again!!! Please continue to support your idiot! Announcement 12:05PM 05/11/2017
438425 +No free lunch. Singapore has, go to temple. You mean handouts? 9:32AM 06/11/2017
438420 +I can only give $2 if he can satisfy me.. Better than no money Old auntie 5:06PM 05/11/2017
438421 ++You can stuff the $2 into your old hole Amos yee 7:51PM 05/11/2017
438418 +A bigger idiot calling me idiot,I smart,you want to be more smart,I idiot,you want to be more idiot,typical,don't want to lose type Amos yee 1:31PM 05/11/2017
438416 +Need $400 to $600 USD a month but dun want to work....sell backside soon... Dun cry for Amos 12:11PM 05/11/2017
438417 ++Now say in the worse case scenario nobody wants to donate money to support my work and I run out of money. Am I going to get a part-time job that I dont like? No. I would go and borrow money from people who are willing to lend me something (which very thankfully I think I have a few of.). Most people wouldnt do that, theyd detest the very idea of not being financially-independent and a low-life relying on someone. But to me, its very important that I lead the kind of life I want and do the things I love, a part-time job that takes hours off your day ruins that. The feeling of shamelessness on relying on others for money is much more worth making half your life or more of your life miserable, at least for me. He wants to be jiao liao bee! 12:17PM 05/11/2017
438413 We spend billions to buy their plane,they move their company hq back to USA.why never give us face,bloody swine Guru 8:51PM 04/11/2017
438414 +When Trump showed his balls when he went toilet, they all agreed that his were the largest! Reason 11:18AM 05/11/2017
438419 ++That is real smart,not idiot Amos yee 1:33PM 05/11/2017
438410 Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of freedom of Glasgow Short Myanmar stocks 11:03AM 04/11/2017
438411 +Now,she can speculate ka ka buy Mayamar shares Amos yee 12:57PM 04/11/2017
438409 Donald Trump come to Asia to promote America First....what is there to talk about? Tell the yankee angmoh to FO 11:01AM 04/11/2017
438412 +USA first,at least we gongkias can be second,not last Amos yee 12:58PM 04/11/2017
438408 Cosco to become first local share to benefit from one belt one road ...screaming buy at current level. Latest uncle 10:11AM 04/11/2017
438407 Cosco move up on Monday.. Will hit $19... Old uncle 9:08AM 04/11/2017
438406 Big tits coming, oil lam 55.62, keke wahaaaass.... GONGKIALLION 18:57PM 03/11/2017
438402 I like tits and dont like tips. Why? Because Tits make me shiok but tips can make lose money and forgo my tits. Tits tips or trick? 11:24AM 03/11/2017
438403 +U then cock lah u, becos of tips then u can suck tits GONGKIALLION 1:21PM 03/11/2017
438405 ++When tips turn into shit, I will lose many many tits. Only death and tax are sure! 3:38PM 03/11/2017
438404 ++My dog got 6 tits and plenty tics,you want Amos yee 1:33PM 03/11/2017
438398 Follow all tips given by forum runner.. Good tip with good return...making few hundred thousand every year from tip here.. Follow blindly... Result is there for you to judge.. Ah pek 4:07PM 02/11/2017
438399 +U the smartest OIL LAM OIL GONG 10:07PM 02/11/2017
438400 ++So dumb,a gongkias praise you also want Amos yee 8:25AM 03/11/2017
438396 Another stock kena tageted, Disa GONGKIALLION 3:10PM 02/11/2017
438401 +Another dumb stock Amos yee 8:26AM 03/11/2017
438393 When all the big boys unloaded all their holdings, it is time to report all the numbers lower!Only KAYU Did not see the change in the local media! Mui Hum 1:31PM 02/11/2017
438395 +U then cock man, u must buy before them so that u can unload to them before they even unload to the market, which is what i did GONGKIALLION 1:56PM 02/11/2017
438394 +Year end.. Book closing.. Counting money.. Buy all tip from this forum.. Sure make big money... Ah pek 1:56PM 02/11/2017
438397 ++U then smart GONGKIALLION 4:00PM 02/11/2017
438389 Charisma already targrted by syndicate/ bb for play, i got 15 million shares, keke... GONGKIALLION 11:27AM 02/11/2017
438390 +Charima is targeted by Suicide bombers not Synicate,you sure mati one hahaha 11:45AM 02/11/2017
438391 ++Buy early, fuat early GONGKIALLION 12:48PM 02/11/2017
438384 Even a tree when blocked from sunlight knows how to bend to get it. More so for human who is more flexible. See mountain catch dragons 9:44AM 02/11/2017
438386 +I can bend my cock one GONGKIALLION 11:02AM 02/11/2017
438387 ++yours easy to bend,I can bend mine,lee hai boh lau auntie 11:24AM 02/11/2017
438388 +++U play cheat one, u put a cucumber inside to bend, ke ke ke .... GONGKIALLION 11:25AM 02/11/2017
438383 When you play with fire stocks, you must be able to control the fire. If not, your whole house could be burnt down. Dont just listen. Must control 9:43AM 02/11/2017
438385 +U then cock man, i set fire to the stocks to let them burn , kekeke wahaasss... GONGKIALLION 10:57AM 02/11/2017
438392 ++Your Brain got grass lah Better get a gardener 1:06PM 02/11/2017
438382 Welcome to see 18:56PM 01/11/2017
438380 To fuat is gonglliom Gongeellion 5:27PM 01/11/2017
438379 Fuat! GONGKIALLION 5:21PM 01/11/2017
438378 Fuat! GONGKIALLION 4:55PM 01/11/2017
438377 Crude oil hit $55.12 GONGKIALLION 4:54PM 01/11/2017
438375 Crude oil targeted price $80 GONGKIALLION 4:44PM 01/11/2017
438381 +In year 2050 Amos yee 10:37PM 01/11/2017
438374 Mui Sam,Jiutian, Au Lam, Lam buy, Charisma energy, fuat fuat lam into the sky become butterflies GONGKIALLION 4:12PM 01/11/2017
438373 Mui Sam,Jiutian, Au Lam, Lam buy, Charisma energy GONGKIALLION 4:08PM 01/11/2017
438368 many things are now GMO. Yes even the stock markets! 11:29AM 01/11/2017
438370 +yes.GMO...Got Money Ok hahaha 11:59AM 01/11/2017
438367 All my Charisma, Galliant, Disa and Jiutian fuat fuat lam into the sky become butterfly, keke wahaaaaaahaaaaa......playing shares is easier than screwing a hole, kekeke wahaaaa GONGKIALLION 11:14AM 01/11/2017
438369 +Your tip is so good.. Can go find mei mei to make me happy.. Make few hundred thousand profit.. Your stock tip very chun... Ah pek 11:58AM 01/11/2017
438371 ++GMO..GMO...hahaha.made sure you are chum in your action,oldman can miss wrong hole easily hahaha 12:02PM 01/11/2017
438372 +++I lie on bed.. Mei mei do everything.. Cork stand.. Ah pek 1:33PM 01/11/2017
438376 ++++mei mei bought a dog along to work hahaha 4:47PM 01/11/2017
438366 All my Charisma, Galliant, Disa and Jiutian fuat fuat lam into the sky become butterfly, keke wahaaaaaahaaaaa......playing shares is easier than screwing a hole, kekeke wahaaaa GONGKIALLION 9:58AM 01/11/2017
438365 Got see my Charisma and Galliant or not? Fuat fuat lam into the sky become one butterfly GONGKIALLION 9:11AM 01/11/2017
438364 Got see my Charisma and Galliant or not? Fuat fuat lam into the sky become one butterfly GONGKIALLION 9:06AM 01/11/2017
438363 I am the best shit collector,no shit more problem,Mai Kia,kaka boy Trump 8:36AM 01/11/2017
438360 Trump team is in deep shit!!! Trump in trouble 10:22PM 31/10/2017
438361 Tight case against Manafort 10:31PM 31/10/2017
438362 ++Good Luck to you... Tight case against Manafort 10:33PM 31/10/2017
438359 .... Old uncle 10:12AM 31/10/2017
438358 Horse Cloud jack going to act in kung Fu movie showing his Tai Chi Quan. The most handsome actor ever. If Jack who cannot? 9:48AM 31/10/2017
438356 Trump impeachment 1st Lai leow 10:24PM 30/10/2017
438357 +I am ready to take over,Dow will hit 100,000 Amos yee 10:35PM 30/10/2017
438355 Fuat oil! Fuat oil! Fuat oil! OIL LAM OIL GONG 10:18PM 30/10/2017
438354 Oil spike to 54.38, kekeke OIL LAM OIL GONG 9:54PM 30/10/2017
438351 Oil fuating into the sky, become one butterfly, buy Charisma and fuat fuat lam into the oil OIL LAM OIL GONG 5:20PM 30/10/2017
438352 +charisma will fuat into your backside hahaha 7:54PM 30/10/2017
438353 ++Then i will fly into the sky, become one butterfly, keeekeekeke, wahahaha... OIL LAM OIL GONG 9:32PM 30/10/2017
438347 Fuat fuat the oil Pretty Gong Cock 11:29PM 29/10/2017
438348 +A dead stock is forever dead,oil up $100 it will still be dead HHaha 9:11AM 30/10/2017
438341 I think we need to revamp is attracting all the losers, while the bank and property counters cheong, the people in Stocklion talking about penny stock like Jiutian, Charisma, DISA...really loser stocks, no wonder after so many years, Stocklion cannot even grow back to the prestige of its heyday era,,, Stocklion need new marketing 8:19PM 29/10/2017
438350 +All very smart, went to other markets or do other types of trading instead of soaking in SGX. Remisiers all boh seng li and many have already gone to drive cabs. Only talk when necessary 2:34PM 30/10/2017
438349 +Vest forum among the world. so many good stock is being recommend.. Buy n keep for super long term Big cork 9:37AM 30/10/2017
438346 +Want to talk about blue cheats, go sg investor. Io Pretty Gong Cock 11:28PM 29/10/2017
438345 +Jiutian, meow lam, lam buy! Pretty Gong Cock 11:27PM 29/10/2017
438343 +Oil breaking key resistance of 53.90, Charisma flying off son TIAN GONG LAM 11:26PM 29/10/2017
438344 ++Buy early, fuat early Pretty Gong Cock 11:26PM 29/10/2017
438342 +No need lah,send that fellow back to IM H HHaha 10:02PM 29/10/2017
438340 So many would have probably already been aware of the major global event happening tomorrow. What will most likely be a landmark moment of our generation, pushing boundaries and ushering in a new era of artistic innovation. The release of the video game Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Very exciting SG Mandela Nelson Amos Yee 4:45PM 29/10/2017
438338 Better watch out on angmo Wall Street.Angmo now kock itchy,more cases of seex harrestment,soon they will screw any hole including sgx Guru 8:37AM 29/10/2017
438336 Any ladies like big cork Big cork 5:27PM 28/10/2017
438339 +Ang mo gal like big cork.. Prefer Arab cork Amos yee 3:27PM 29/10/2017
438337 +yes,son your mother 8:19PM 28/10/2017
438331 Jiutian, meow lam, lam buy, keeeeee, wahaaaaaa Gong Tian 10:34PM 26/10/2017
438333 +goodcall for long long term investent Pretty man 10:43AM 27/10/2017
438334 ++Stock moved up from July. Appears to be push to unload. Dont be trap 1:03PM 27/10/2017
438335 +++momentum building,ka ka hoot remiser 1:28PM 28/10/2017
438329 When the dandyllion par par lam into the sky, if u say dont buy, i say ji buy, keeeee, wahaaaa Gong Tian 9:49PM 26/10/2017
438328 Fuat fuat.....keke wahaaaas Jiutian 8:02PM 26/10/2017
438324 Money hard to earn. Must invest in only good stocks which can only appreciate as years past despite any temporary set backs. Risk Management is vital 4:41PM 26/10/2017
438330 +Risk management at this point in time means u miss the boat already, keeee, wahaaaa, jiutian Pretty Gong Cock 9:50PM 26/10/2017
438332 ++Bu yeow hai ren leh. You still haven't make it 10:01AM 27/10/2017
438325 +Buy sph.. Good stock.. From 40. Dollar to 2.70..good buy... Trust old abalone... Taste sweet n soft Old auntie 5:00PM 26/10/2017
438319 Beri simple to trade shares, u see Charisma, buy queue 52 mil, sell queue, 3.5 mil, a sure give away strong buy signal, kekekr wahsaaaaaaa..... Gongeellion 2:03PM 26/10/2017
438323 +Buy Pang Sai Chua better..good for cleaning ka chng Can see but can disappear 4:38PM 26/10/2017
438327 ++Kuat kuat tuat tuat, puat puat suat suat! GONGKIALLION 8:01PM 26/10/2017
438317 Buy Charisma, Jiutian, Disa and fuat Gongeellion 12:32PM 26/10/2017
438318 +you miss 1 word....its buy and get fuat Pretty man 1:00PM 26/10/2017
438320 ++Ur cock not so pretty GONGKIALLION 2:04PM 26/10/2017
438321 +++your back oso not pretty but i don't mind Pretty man 2:25PM 26/10/2017
438316 HLF go high.. Buy over dbs Pretty lady 12:32PM 26/10/2017
438315 Wow,so happy to aw news that George Bush Senior 90 years also touching a model from many dirty old men around.worse than me humsup uncle 10:57AM 26/10/2017
438322 +He is dirty but rich HHaha 3:29PM 26/10/2017
438310 This year I had been counting profit of. 2 million. So easy to make profit in stock.. Buy high sell low..had been laughing to the bank Rich man 12:28PM 25/10/2017
438312 +Buy high sell low still can make profit! You so smart one 2:02PM 25/10/2017
438313 ++I want to learn this technique. Best in the world 2:04PM 25/10/2017
438314 +++They lecture this technique in Imh HHaha 2:26PM 25/10/2017
438311 +Laughing all the way to the bank,from IMH to bank but stop by jaga HHaha 12:41PM 25/10/2017
438306 My cock then pretty, buy Metech, Charisma, DISA, Nico steel, Galliant and fuat fuat lam into the sky, become one big butterfly, keke wahaaaaa Pretty Gong Cock 12:08PM 24/10/2017
438309 +These stock can keep for 20 year.. Who know can grow to 20 dollars.. Old auntie 11:40AM 25/10/2017
438308 +Still one to trade stocks? At this time of the year, should be counting money and tally excesses to use for year end holiday. Market is sooo quiet....scratch balls and smell for past time. Hahahahahaha 10:55AM 25/10/2017
438307 +Buy each counter 100 shares,your broker fuat Guru 8:52AM 25/10/2017
438304 My Charisma sure fuat into the sky, become one big butterfly,kekeke, wahaaaaaa..... Pretty Gong Cock 10:02PM 24/10/2017
438305 +Die road one way from Jan-2014.... Cham miss la 10:13PM 24/10/2017
438303 When play share don't laugh first before profits are taken. watch: Who has the last laugh? 9:26AM 24/10/2017
438299 Many switch to playing forex but all back to square one. 95% lose. Those who can make $ are those with good discipline and good trading system. Many attend expensive courses but still fail to make $. Making $ is not easy 4:06PM 23/10/2017
438301 +Even USA knew make money not easy,that's why they go print money Guru 8:48AM 24/10/2017
438296 You can tell from this place that the retail players are mostly out of action. Si Peh jialat 1:07PM 23/10/2017
438297 +All lau ren play stock.. Just for a kick Lau ren 1:54PM 23/10/2017
438298 ++One die hard still tracking HLF Si Peh Lau 4:04PM 23/10/2017
438300 +++one love jambang food Pretty man 8:00PM 23/10/2017
438295 Oil playing with 60, keeeeee wahaaaaaa Pretty Gong Cock 9:18PM 22/10/2017
438302 +You pocket empty more gong Guru 9:16AM 24/10/2017
438292 I know my cock is then gong but it is also then pretty, kekeke wahaaaaa Pretty Gong Cock 7:27PM 22/10/2017
438291 Sophisticated fun manager in a kampong. No one can believe, kekeke..... wahaaaa....... Pretty Gong Cock 7:23PM 22/10/2017
438290 Waaahaaaa.. i now instal Red One Wi Fi, i can trade like a pro from my kampong, kekeke..... wahaaaaaa..... Pretty Gong Cock 7:21PM 22/10/2017
438289 Waaahaaaa.. i now instal Red One Wi Fi, i can trade like a pro from my kampong, kekeke..... wahaaaaaa..... Pretty Gong Cock 7:20PM 22/10/2017
438288 Mee Rai Wi Fi Mai? Pretty Gong Cock 7:19PM 22/10/2017
438284 Which stock do buy for Monday.. Need money to go geylang Lau hero 5:18PM 22/10/2017
438293 +What else? Metech, Rowsley, Ipco, Charisma, Jiutian, Loys Energy, keee, wahhhhhaaaaa... Pretty Gong Cock 7:30PM 22/10/2017
438294 ++all the dead cock stocks Pretty man 8:38PM 22/10/2017
438287 +Police catching illegal pros,watch out Guru 6:10PM 22/10/2017
438280 Monday big draw toto... Buy small win big..I go online to buy gambling chip Amos yee 11:17AM 21/10/2017
438282 +Amos go get fuat,so easy to strike meh Pretty man 9:21PM 21/10/2017
438283 ++Don't scold my Amos ok,he come to me every day you jealous right, Lau auntie 3:48PM 22/10/2017
438285 +++My cork stand above 90.. Hard like a rock.. Can make happy happy.. Amos yee 5:20PM 22/10/2017
438286 ++++Stand 90 is over the hills,I tasted stand 120,moh Tak teng Lau auntie 6:07PM 22/10/2017
438279 Any good tip to make money for Kopi Lau auntie 10:39AM 21/10/2017
438281 +why make money only for kopi,buy JB food,make money for abalone Pretty man 11:40AM 21/10/2017
438277 Wahaaaaa..... market fuat n fuat GONGLIALLION 9:37PM 20/10/2017
438278 +You mean Kenna market fuat and fuat Pretty man 10:56PM 20/10/2017
438276 Got a dream sph will buy all geylang den.. It will be call sg pro holding.. Can make better profit Lau ah ma 3:45PM 20/10/2017
438269 Seem like all stock are down.. Even peni.s are down so much.. Not a good sign.. Bad omen coming.. Run n remove all clothing... Lau auntie 5:14PM 19/10/2017
438270 +You want run with no cloths on,please don't run to me Pretty man 8:33PM 19/10/2017
438271 ++Chen Mei Fong look alike. Alamak you will regret ok 11:09PM 19/10/2017
438272 +++No regret,you can keep her,I rather go for young chick Pretty man 11:43PM 19/10/2017
438273 ++++Oops I forgot, you eat soft rice. hahhahahahah 9:40AM 20/10/2017
438274 +++++You wrong la,it's Lau auntie that cook soft rice,young chick cannot even afford to buy rice.You cook your own rice or you eat somebodys soft rice eh Pretty man 10:14AM 20/10/2017
438275 ++++++Free soft rice,free soft rice,all pretty men and humsup uncles are welcome.Young men without backbones also welcome.My soft rice is finger licking good.Come come Lau auntie 10:52AM 20/10/2017
438267 Yest i saw 2 Kimly Boss talking to KimSanLeng Boss...after that they shake hand... Coffee shop kia 19:30PM 18/10/2017
438268 +They trying to buy JB Food,but Jamban Food dead Pretty woman 11:09AM 19/10/2017
438264 The world economic is in topsy turvy situation! You may have some short term gains but will encounter sudden long term pains! Nothing will stay forever! Last quarter was up 4 over %but next quarter maybe negative!Federal Reserve may be able to support DOW UP to heaven even when Trump drops a bomb in North Korea but all investors round the world may disappear up the smoke and all your fund may disappear in the mud in seconds! Tips For Life 4:01PM 18/10/2017
438265 +You got say like no say,why not say we world *1 even if the whole world collaspe World No 1 we are 4:58PM 18/10/2017
438261 SPH now become Singapore Property Holdings.... SG IS CHANGED 1:24PM 18/10/2017
438266 +Si Peh Ho lah Everyone will know 11:06PM 18/10/2017
438262 +Sph will buy over singapore pool. It will be call singapore pool holding Lau auntie 1:44PM 18/10/2017
438254 SMRT has failed us...CEO take full responsibilty....minister no fault....after so many years still cannot make it... SG IS CHANGED 19:08PM 17/10/2017
438260 +When something to praise the minister show up when the problem arises CEO to face the blame. MRT 12:08PM 18/10/2017
438263 ++They should get the Bangla who did the job on stage scold him for getting paid yet did a bad job,then sack him to show Singaporens we don't tolerate bad work,this is world class,world 1 country World No 1 we are 2:26PM 18/10/2017
438257 +Why blame on smrt CEO.You people must learn how to take a bit of bitterness,not always sweet.No wonder diabetics on the rise,only taking seewt things.Learn like the Thais,take sweet and sour food and punt in SET,sour no diabetics and bottom brother kuat just every day. Pretty woman 8:50AM 18/10/2017
438258 ++Blame it on the rain! Stupid! GONGKIALLION 10:48AM 18/10/2017
438259 +++You gongkia,how can you blame on rain,people pray and pray for rain.Wait till your brain go dry without water and you become a tua gongkia Pretty woman 11:04AM 18/10/2017
438256 +Nothing is perfect,why cow peh cow bu,just for a little hiccup,You people should cow peh why SGX not moving up and only smart and clever people trade in SET Pretty woman 8:37AM 18/10/2017
438252 Waiting for mkt to crash.. Can buy cheap cheap cheap.. Then pretty woman can sell cheap cheap Rich man 4:35PM 17/10/2017
438255 +9 out of 10 exchange will crash,but SET will stand erect and kuat kuat,Buy in SET and stand up kuat kuat and fuat Pretty woman 8:27AM 18/10/2017
438249 SET trading values now Double SGX...wat happen ah ? Pretty Woman 10:13PM 16/10/2017
438253 +Buy metech, formerly know as dandyllion and fuat GONGKIALLION 9:17PM 17/10/2017
438250 +What for. Chinese saying...gamble 10x, 9 are scams. Big for what 10:43AM 17/10/2017
438251 +Stay clear on all glc stock.. Buy Amos stick.. Sure boom boom boom n doom Amos yee 2:02PM 17/10/2017
438248 +aiyo no more World Class or Gold Standard ?...last time one Oldman love to Harp on Past Glories...n all the White Monkeys n Dumd Donkeys...all become Arrogant n Complacent...lucky me quickly Divest Out of Donkeypore...wish me luck ah Pretty Woman 10:11PM 16/10/2017
438246 Falcon energy is worth 6 or 7 rupiah.. Lau auntie 12:47PM 16/10/2017
438241 I willing to pay 3 dollar Any gay massage here? 10:15AM 15/10/2017
438242 +$3 too expensive,I pay only 50 cents pretty woman 2:11PM 15/10/2017
438243 ++I can offer free service.. Just leave your number here.. I happy u happy Kopi 5:28PM 15/10/2017
438244 +++massdage free but 1 cup kopi $10. pretty woman 8:11PM 15/10/2017
438245 ++++tips another $5, pretty woman 10:44PM 15/10/2017
438238 Trump Lies 1:35PM 14/10/2017
438239 Damm funny 1:36PM 14/10/2017
438235 said rich get richer..not for me. Put money into Frsbee company tomollo. mml 9:27PM 13/10/2017
438236 +Bishan Park..dun bring aunty hahaha 11:16AM 14/10/2017
438240 ++I will bring pussy cat along.. Can make happy n juicy Old dog 3:36PM 14/10/2017
438237 ++I come along to meet new aunty uncle humsup 11:24AM 14/10/2017
438234 Buy Charisma and fuat GONGKIALLION 8:20PM 13/10/2017


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